Free Horse Games

Have fun playing these free horse games.
Play by yourself or with friends!
Most of these games require Java. If they don't work for you, please download Java.
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Number Jump

Try the new Game Room!

Number Jump

Try to uncover the picture. Bet you can't beat this game!

Blocks Game

Click on the contiguous blocks to remove them.  


Help your horse find the way out of the barn.  Just use the arrow keys to direct the horse. 


Got a good memory? Let's see how good.

Breeds Jumble

Can you un-jumble the letters in the puzzle to find your breed of horse?


Seek-A-Word - Find the hidden words in this interactive online puzzle.

Dots and Boxes

You and the computer take turns to fill in an untaken line between two dots. If you complete a square, you own it.

Sliding Puzzle

How many moves will it take you to un-jumble the picture?

Color Book

Color the horse!

Ball Shoot

A shooting gallery game with 5 levels of play. You have 60 seconds to shoot all the balls. It's not as easy as it sounds!

Rush Hour

Get the Volkswagen out of the parking lot.


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